Bharat Run On Bluboy 

Feel your heart pounding by immersing yourself in the world of Bharat Run. You are a fearless boy and your run knows no limits. You will come across various challenges throughout the voyage. One of the main goals is also to collect coins while making sure you make swift moves to not get hit by the buses and cars that appear suddenly in front of you. Come and dive deeper into an amazing experience where the thrill knows no bounds.

How To Play Bharat Run On Bluboy 

Tap on the play button to commence your game. You can find the boy already running through the street!
Swipe right to overcome the obstacles that come along the journey when you run.  
Swipe left to escape obstacles and avoid getting hit by a bus or car.  
Swipe up to jump off any obstacle and climb on top of the bus or car. 
Swipe down to slide from beneath any obstacle. Collect as many coins as possible throughout the game to attain a high score.  
Your score increases based on the distance travelled, number of obstacles crossed, and the coins you gather.
The player can also find magnets which helps the player to increase their score.

Bharat Run facts

  • The first kind of “endless runner” game is Canabalt which was released in the year 2009. 
  • It was created by Adam Saltsman where a player runs endlessly across rooftops and the objective is to evade the obstacles and jump amongst the buildings. 
  • Canabalt game has paved a path for many “endless runner” genre games which are now being created with innovative concepts and backdrops.  

Bharat Run Focus Points

  • The main objective of the game is to stay as long as possible and collect as many coins as you can to achieve a higher score.  
  • Swiftness plays a key role in this game. Make sure you move quickly to avoid any obstacle coming your way or to escape from getting hit by a bus or car. 
  • You can find magnets and multipliers along with the coins. Never forget to collect them as they help in escalating your score. 
  • Your score increases along with time and coins. So, balance both by staying for a longer time in the game while collecting more and more coins. 

Winnings from Bharat Run

  • Check the tournaments screen of the app for more details

Bharat Run FAQs

  • Can I play Bharat Run for free?

    Yes, once you download the Bluboy app, you can play Bharat Run for free. 

  • How many players can play Bharat Run at a time?

    Bharat Run on Bluboy is a single-player game.

  • Where can I check the results of previous Bharat Run tournaments?

    Post completion of the tournaments the results are displayed in the game tournament screen and also in the leaderboards tab of the Bluboy app. 

  • Are there any rewards for Bharat Run tournaments?

    Yes, the top high scorer on the leaderboard for each tournament wins Rs 500/-* daily.