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Dive into the vibrant world of Rang Barse, where cognitive skills meet swift reflexes.
Tap into the right answers amid randomly generated challenges. 

About Rang Barse

Rang Barse is a captivating mobile puzzle game designed for casual gamers. With a landscape layout and vibrant 2D graphics, players test their cognitive abilities and reaction time. The concept involves tapping the correct element based on randomly generated text and colour questions.

Rang Barse on Bluboy  

Players start with lives, deducted for wrong answers or timeouts, with the game concluding upon life depletion. The scoring system is based on answering speed, with varying difficulty modes. Engaging SFX, background music, and a play-to-earn model add excitement to this brain-training experience. 

How to play Rang Barse on Bluboy?  

Tap the correct text.
Tap the correct text.
Make sure you are quick in answering the questions to achieve a high score.

Tap wrong colour or text you lose a life.

Rang barse Facts

  • Developed for mobile platforms, Rang Barse draws inspiration from classic puzzle and brain-training games, adding a vibrant twist to traditional gameplay.
  • Featuring colors from the spectrum (VIBGYOR), excluding Indigo, the game integrates a visually stimulating and educational aspect into its design.
  • A one-time tutorial screen ensures a smooth introduction to the game, providing clarity on rules and gameplay for players launching Rang Barse for the first time.

Rang barse Focus Points

  • Quick Reaction Time: Rang Barse challenges players to respond swiftly to randomly generated text and color questions, enhancing their reaction time.
  • Cognitive Agility: The game’s increasing difficulty and time pressure aim to improve players’ cognitive abilities, promoting quick decision-making and mental agility.
  • Scoring Strategy: Players must strategize to maximize their scores by answering questions rapidly within the time constraints, adding a competitive and strategic element to the gameplay.
  • Progression Challenges: The progression system introduces levels of escalating difficulty, providing players with challenges that test and improve their skills as they advance.


Winnings from Rang Barse on Bluboy  

Check the tournaments screen of the app for more details.

Rang Barse FAQs

  • 1. Is Rang Barse available for free?

    Yes. Once the player downloads the Bluboy app, the player can play Rang Barse for free.

  • 2. How many players can engage in a Rang Barse game simultaneously?

    Rang Barse is designed for single-player experiences, offering a personalized and focused gaming session. 

  • 3. Where can I check the results of recent Rang Barse tournaments?

    Post completion of the tournaments the results are displayed in the game tournament screen and also in the leaderboards tab of the Bluboy app.

  • 4. How often can I participate in Rang Barse tournaments?

    Users can play the Rang Barse tournament everyday anytime between 9AM – 9PM. 

  • 5. Can players win real money through Rang Barse tournaments?

    Players cannot win real money, as the Rang Barse game is available only as practice tournaments

  • 6. How does the scoring system work in Rang Barse

    Points decrease with every millisecond, so quicker responses earn more points. Incorrect answers receive no points.