Become the Space Ninja you were born to be! Slice through aliens with style in our out-of-this-world slicing game!


Become the Space Ninja you were born to be! Slice through aliens with style
 in our out-of-this-world slicing game!

Space Ninja On Bluboy  

In Space Ninja, the players should slice aliens that fall from a huge SpaceShip at the top of the screen. The player should tap or slice the aliens before they reach the bottom of the screen while making sure not to accidentally slice any escaping humans. Get ready to save the day, one swipe at a time!  

How To Play Space Ninja On Bluboy  

Tap or Slice on the Incoming UFOs to destroy them!
Slice the aliens before they reach the bottom of the screen
Avoid slashing on the UFOs with Humans - They are on Our Side
The Aliens in White UFOs are rare but by slicing them the player can gain more score.  
The player loses health if they destroy humans or let the aliens reach the ground.
Watch out! The game ends once the player runs out of health and score!

Space Ninja Facts

  • Space Ninja is a new look for Fruit Ninja at the beginning, but everyone had new ideas during development and this online game completely changed by the end.

Space Ninja Focus Points  

  • The main objective of the player is to survive as long as the player can, so focus on doing that and the player will automatically get higher scores. 
  • Different Aliens give the player different scores, so prioritize the ones that give the player the highest score while making sure not to miss the slicing of any other alien as it leads to losing the health of the player. 
  • Avoid slashing humans so the player doesn’t lose early and get the score decreased. 
  • Don’t panic when your health is low, the player can always get it back by destroying aliens. 
  • The game gets harder as time goes by, so the longer the player plays the more aliens the player can kill and the more score the player can gain. 

Winnings From Space Ninja  

  • Check the tournaments screen of the app for more details

Space Ninja FAQ's

  • Can I play Space Ninja for Free?

    Yes. Once the player downloads the Bluboy app, the player can play Space Ninja for free.

  • How many players can play Space Ninja at a time?

    Space Ninja is a single-player game.  

  • Where can I check the results of recent Space Ninja tournaments?

    Post completion of the tournaments the results are displayed in the tournament history screen and also in the leaderboards tab of the Bluboy app.

  • Why am I losing a lot of health all of a sudden?

    This might happen if the player misses multiple aliens or slashes multiple humans in a short time. So, try to not let too many aliens reach the ground at once or slice multiple humans at once.  

  • Do we have any bonuses/combos for destroying multiple aliens at once?

    No, currently we do not have any combo or multiplier system, but we are aiming to implement it soon.

  • Are there any rewards for Space Ninja tournaments?

    Yes, the top high scorer on the leaderboard for each tournament wins Rs 500/-* daily.