Privacy Policy 


(About the App or Gaming Company)
The privacy policy of our app provides you with detailed information about how and what kind of information is collected and stored with us whilst taking necessary measures to ensure the privacy of the player. The privacy of the player is our utmost priority along with providing a great experience. 


When the player downloads our App to access and play our games after creating an account in his name or after we collect his information. The information which is collected includes the basic details which will help in identifying the player viz., name, email address, mobile number, and location. The contact information, player ID, gameplay, recent activity, history of player’s interaction with other players, and data of chat with other players of the game will be collected when customer care service personnel are asked to assist you with any difficulty or problem. We always get the permission of the player when any sensitive personal data is collected. Information collected by us will be used to provide the best services to the player, to contact the player and to send notifications of updates as to the game and the gameplay. Player names will be made public on the App to enable other players to play with them and see their ranking. To facilitate login to the account by way of OTP to your registered mobile number, access to messages will be taken by obtaining the player’s permission. The information collected will be kept safe all the time and the highest degree of care is taken thereto. We invite the player to give consent to access his contacts to invite his friends and family to play the game and the information given to us will not be shared with third-party publishers. The information given to us will be used to enhance the services provided to the player, upgrade the game experience for our players, prevent the system or device from any bugs or service errors, and protect the players from any fraud or illegal behaviour. Information will not be used for anything other than what the player has consented to. The player can withdraw his consent by deleting his account and stopping playing our game.


We provide chat services; players can send messages to other players while playing the game to make the gaming platform fascinating and engrossing for the players. Messages will be stored by us to enable players to view their messages and will not be shared with any third party or used for any other purposes. The messages will be automatically deleted after a certain period. 


Customer services will be provided to the players by way of accessing their contact information. We use this information to update the website provide immediate service to the players at the time they need it and troubleshoot problems. The information will be shared with customer service channels to help the players and fix the problems being faced by them. This information shared with the customer service channel will neither be used for any other purpose nor shared with any third-party channel without the player’s consent. The only information given by the players will be used by the channel, any other sensitive personal information will not be used by the channel.


The information given by players will not be disclosed to the third party unless and until it is required by the law to share the information to protect the players’ rights or our rights. For example, if any person does any fraud or cheating which violates the rights of other players then the information of that player or culprit will be passed to fraud prevention agencies to protect other players’ rights. The sensitive personal data will not be disclosed for this purpose. While disclosing the basic information to the third party if needed by law, we ensure that the information disclosed to the third party will be maintained by them and not disclosed to any other party unless consent is given by the players. We use the data adhering to the legal guidelines and laws of India. 


The player can play the game from any device, thus, to play the game and continue the game from the level where he/she has stopped and to see the progress of the game from any device, the player may need to log in through other SSO accounts like Facebook or Google. If the player logs in through his Facebook account, then the basic account details of the player will be collected such as Facebook ID, age, gender, language, etc any other information which the player has publicly displayed.
The player can prevent any other information from being used by a third party or this site by changing the settings of their respective Facebook account. No information about the player will be shared or used by us unless and until consent is taken from the player.
If the player logs in through the Google account, then the account details of the player will be used by us to update the website and to play games from other devices. No other sensitive information of the player will be collected or used until the player has given consent to access their information. 


The player has certain rights over the information, which is being shared with us and they include, access to personal information and correct or alter it anytime. the right to object to data processing, automated decision-making, direct marketing, and the right to data portability, and deletion of personal data. (The player can deactivate and delete the account anytime) right to ask to provide data which is being shared with us.


Individuals who are 18 years of age and above are only allowed to play our games. 



We take opportune security and technical measures to keep your data safe and protected from any mischief. And while sharing your information online you are requested to be careful, and we are not liable for any information you shared online. 

Changes to the privacy policy 

Updates are made to the privacy policy as per the requirements of laws and their compliance. Hence the player is requested to read the new updated policies thereto.

Updates to the App 

The game will be updated, and new features may be brought to the App from time to time to provide a better player experience and convenience. An updated App can be downloaded directly from our website or the Google Play store. 


If you have any difficulty with the App or gameplay and any queries as to privacy and information collected, you can contact our customer care support which is