Ready, set, roll! Vaikuntapali - where every roll is a wild adventure, and every snake just adds a bit of drama to the climb!


Glide through challenges, escape obstacles, and soar to the top of the leaderboard in Parinda 

About Parinda

Parinda, an engaging mobile game for casual gamers, invites players to guide a bird through challenging obstacles. Tapping the screen makes the bird ascend while avoiding collisions is crucial. Players earn points for navigating through obstacles, with increasing difficulty over time. Progress is measured by the player’s high score, and various obstacle types intensify the challenge. Parinda entices players to compete for the highest scores on the global leaderboard.

Parinda on Bluboy

Experience the nostalgia of Parinda on Bluboy! Tap to guide your bird through challenging obstacles, earning points for each successful navigation. Aim for high scores as difficulty increases over time. Enjoy the simplicity of 2D graphics, engaging sounds, and catchy background music. Compete for a spot on the leaderboard for endless fun on Bluboy’s mobile platform.

How to play Parinda on Bluboy?

• Tap to Ascend: Simply tap the screen to make the bird flap its wings and ascend.
• Avoid Obstacles: Navigate the bird through gaps between scrolling obstacles.
• Earn Points: Score points for successfully passing through each set of obstacles.

Parinda Facts

Integration of Environmental Elements:

  • Intended design elements in “Parinda” blend environmental storytelling into gameplay.
  • Obstructions and backgrounds mirror natural forest features like fallen logs, hanging veins, and thick undergrowth.
  • The conscious choice of a forest theme distinguishes it from urban or abstract backgrounds that are usually found in mobile games.
  • A meticulously curated color palette elicits a forest ambience while ensuring visibility and contrast for gameplay.
  • Selected colors help in the swift recognition of impediments amidst the foliage, optimizing gameplay clarity.

Parinda Focus Points

  • Concentration: Parinda requires intense concentration as players must remain focused on the bird’s position relative to the obstacle. Distractions can easily lead to mistakes and crashes, so maintaining concentration is essential for achieving high scores.
  • Timing: Timing is crucial in Parinda. Players must tap the screen at the right moment to keep the bird flying at the correct height to navigate through the gaps in the obstacles. A mis-timed tap can cause the bird to collide with an obstacle and end the game. 
  • Patience: Parinda is a challenging game that requires patience and perseverance.

Winnings from Parinda on Bluboy

Check the tournaments screen of the app for more details.

Parinda FAQs

  • 1. Is Parinda available for free?

    Yes. Once the player downloads the Bluboy app, the player can play Parinda for free.

  • 2. Where can I check the results of recent Parinda tournaments?

    Post completion of the tournaments the results are displayed in the tournament history screen and also in the leaderboards tab of the Bluboy app.

  • 3. How often can I participate in Parinda tournaments?

    Please check the tournament screen of the app for more details.

  • 4. Can players win real money through Parinda tournaments?

    Yes, the top high scorer on the leaderboard for each tournament wins Rs 500/-* daily. 

  • 5. How does the scoring system work in Parinda?

    In Parinda, the scoring system is relatively simple. Players earn points by successfully navigating the bird through the gaps between the obsacles.