Bluboy’s Prize Money Tournaments Are Back!

Get ready to dive into the excitement as Bluboy brings back the thrill of prize money tournaments with our 12-hour gaming extravaganza! This special week is dedicated to all gamers looking for an adrenaline rush from our diverse daily games like Vaikuntapali, Space Ninja, and Fruit Mandi, not to mention our Tambola tournament with 43 winners!

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Exclusive Daily Competitions: Join us for a chance to win in Vaikuntapali, Space Ninja, and Fruit Mandi. This week, due to our commitment to quality and reliability especially after the unexpected server issues on Feb 29th, we’re focusing on excellence and stability. Thus, we will celebrate the top 10 victors for each game.
  • Tambola Tournament at 9 PM: The excitement doesn’t stop there! Our Tambola game is set to crown 43 winners, making it a can’t-miss event. Prepare for intense competition and fantastic winning opportunities in this single, thrilling tournament.
  • A Temporary Yet Thrilling Gaming Feast: This week-long, 12-hour tournament is our way of saying thank you for your patience and support, especially after our recent challenges. It’s a brief glimpse into the future of gaming with Bluboy, filled with surprises, challenges, and relentless gaming action.
  • Commitment to Quality: Post the Feb 29th hiccup, our dedication has doubled up on ensuring that every game is seamless, secure, and more enjoyable than ever. We’ve taken significant strides to safeguard a top-notch gaming experience for every participant.
  • Your Experience, Our Pride: At Bluboy, the community is the heartbeat of our platform. We’re excited for you to experience these games and share your valuable feedback. Our promise is to create a gaming environment that values and incorporates your insights.
  • Exciting Updates on the Horizon: While this week sets the stage with top 10 winners for each of our games and 43 winners for Tambola, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming update that will revolutionize the playing field with 703 winners per day! Bluboy is on a mission to continuously evolve and enrich our gaming ecosystem in line with our vibrant community’s desires.

Join us as we embark on this gaming journey, carefully crafted for our dynamic audience. Your adventure and victories await!