Responsible & Rewarding Gaming Revolution By Bluboy 

In a world where online gaming is often associated with financial risk and gambling, Bluboy stands out as a landmark of ethical gaming. With a mission to redefine gaming as a source of entertainment, we balance fun, strategy, and skill development along with financial rewards. Let us dive into the unique features of the Bluboy application and our commitment to creating a secure and delightful online gaming atmosphere for all. 

Premium Games: Thrilling challenges and lucrative rewards 

We introduce three new premium mobile games, “Parinda” and “Rang Barse,” presenting users with the opportunity to win big prizes. With limited free attempts, users can purchase life packs for further attempts, increasing their chances of topping the monthly leaderboards of each premium game and winning noteworthy rewards. 

The user can choose the below-mentioned live packs when they run out of their limited free attempts: 

  • Basic Life Pack: Provides 3+1 lives for Rs. 100/-** (valid for only one day) 
  • Double Dhamaka Life Pack: Offers 5+1 lives for Rs. 150/-**. (valid for only one day) 
  • Unlimited Lives Pack: Grants unlimited lives for both games for a month at Rs. 2000/-**.  

The monthly leaderboard rewards, totaling up to whooping amounts for the top 3 places serve as major motivations for serious gamers. The cash reward breakdown for the top 3 players on the monthly leaderboard is as follows: 

  • 1st place: Rs. 9,00,000/-* 
  • 2nd place: Rs. 5,00,000/-* 
  • 3rd place: Rs. 2,32,000/-* 

Unlimited Lives Pack: Elevating, gaming experience, lowering risks 

We introduce the Unlimited Lives Pack, a premium feature created to improve user engagement and experience without the peril of financial losses. For a nominal fee of Rs. 2000/-**, users acquire a pass to unlimited lives in premium games, increasing their possibilities of victory in daily leaderboards where the players can win a daily cash prize of Rs.1000/-** and monthly challenges. This pack not only strengthens the gaming experience but also assures that users can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay without fearing financial implications.  

This pack also presents exclusive access to VIP Tambola, an online game reserved exclusively for members who buy our Unlimited Lives Pack. This adds an essence of stature and excitement for users, further improving the value proposition of the pack. 

Unlimited Lives Pack also grants access to the lucky draw that will be held every month. The rewards include: 

  • 12 grams gold- 10 lucky users 
  • A mobile phone worth Rs 10000/- – 100 lucky users 
  • A saree worth Rs 6000/- -100 lucky users 
    Early-Bird Offer 

Hurry up and grab our exclusive early-bird offer! Buy our unlimited lives pack before April 12th, and you will unlock 31 days+16 extra days for free of VIP Tambola gameplay along with access to lucky draws for both the months of April and May. With this live pack, you’ll enjoy the excitement for a full 31 days+16 extra days. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to boost your gaming experience and win big. Seize this offer now and indulge in endless entertainment! 

VIP Tambola: Exclusivity and Lucrative Prizes 

VIP Tambola adds an element of exclusivity to Bluboy’s gaming experience, with entry granted through the purchase of any Life Pack. Users with the Unlimited Lives Pack gain access to the tournament for the entire month. 

There will be a total of 103 winners with a structured prize pool: 

1. Full House 1: Rs. 9,000/-* for 1 winner 

2. Full House 2: Rs. 5,000* for 2 winners 

3. Rows & Early 5: Rs. 1,000/-* each for 100 winners (25 winners in 4 categories) 

Daily Tournaments: Abundant Opportunities for Skillful Players 

Daily tournaments of our free games in our app offer plentiful opportunities for users to exhibit their skills and win cash prizes. With three games featuring daily tournaments with tournament timings 9 AM-9 PM, players can contest for the top 50 positions on leaderboards to win amazing cash prizes.  

The Tambola game, which has 103 winners, increases the probability of winning, further promoting user participation. 

The prize breakdown for the Tambola game is as follows: 

  • Full House 1: Rs. 900/-* 
  • Full House 2: Rs. 500/-* (2 Users can win) 
  • Rows & Early 5: Rs. 100/-* each for 100 winners (25 Users can win in each mode) 

Players can participate in these daily tournaments and can be a part of this whooping Rs. 26,900/-* prize pool.  

The Endnote 

At the core of Bluboy’s mission is a commitment to ethical gaming. Our app balances enjoyment along with financial rewards, offering a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for users. By encouraging skill development and minimizing financial risks, we ensure that gaming remains a source of delight and relaxation for all. 

In conclusion, Bluboy’s innovative features and ethical approach to gaming sets us apart as a leader in the industry. With a focus on entertainment, skill development, and transparency, Bluboy continues to redefine gaming as a positive and rewarding experience for users worldwide. 


*- Denotes 30% TDS deduction on all winnings 

**-Denotes 28%GST applicable